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RDX Inner Gloves Review

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RDX Inner Gloves
The RDX Inner Gloves are a pair of gloves designed to be a substitute for hand wraps. As experienced boxers already know, hand wraps are used under boxing gloves to provide an additional layer of hand protection and support.

Inner gloves are a relatively new invention and are currently undergoing a huge increase in their popularity. Probably the main reason for this is the fact that they are easier to put on than conventional hand wraps.

While they are usually used in boxing, there is nothing to stop them from being used in any other martial art. I hear that they are quite popular in Muay Thai.

Specification and Functionality

RDX Inner Gloves Strap
The RDX Inner Gloves come in four different colour schemes, namely black, blue, red and green. They are available in four different sizes, namely Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

The material is made out of woven carbon fibres. Carbon fibre is a strong material which helps reduce general wear and tear considerably. There is good quality stitching around the finger holes. The gloves are also elasticated meaning they can fit over a wide range of hands.

The gloves are padded with shock absorbing gel integrated aero foam padding meaning your hands are very well protected as well as very comfortable.

The long wrap is 75cm long. It is to be wrapped around your wrist and then attached to the glove using Velcro.

One disadvantage of the gloves is the fact that they provide less support than traditional hand wraps. This isn't too much of a concern unless you have a hand or wrist injury.

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Durability and Maintenance

The strength and endurance of the gloves have been tested by RDX. The material the gloves are made from is long lasting. The padding is particularly resilient even after frequent use. The stitching around the finger holes reinforces the integrity of the RDX Inner Gloves.

Washing them regularly is important. Most people hand wash their gloves and that probably is the best idea here. Take care when washing them and make sure that you follow the washing instructions.


RDX Inner Gloves Inside
As mentioned above, the gloves come in black, blue, red and green. I particularly like the black colour scheme because of the golden edges around the finger and wrist holes. The red colour scheme comes a close second.

RDX print their name on the gloves in a way that blends in with the design. I really like the overall design and I think it looks very smart and professional.


Overall the RDX Inner Gloves are a good alternative to traditional hand wraps. That's not to say that they emulate hand wraps exactly, but on balance they are a good substitute.

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18th January 2016

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