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Demonstration of the RDX Shin Guards being used.
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The RDX Shin Guards are a stretchable, durable and comfortable pair of shin guards made from neoprene fabric. Ideal for MMA fighting.
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MaterialNeoprene Fabric
Sweat WickingYes
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RDX Shin Pads are one of several types of shin guard made by RDX. Their highlights include special shock absorbing technology to reduce the force of any impact and the fact that they have been designed with comfort in mind.

Demonstration of the RDX Shin Guards being used.

These shin pads are from RDX, a leading manufacturer and supplier of martial arts equipment who operate globally. These shin pads are also CE certified by SATRA, a body which ensures that PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is safe.

These shin guards are ideal for all sorts of martial arts training (MMA, karate, Muay Thai, etc). They are particularly useful for kickboxing.

Specification and Functionality

Foam Padding

The RDX Neoprene Gel Shin Pads are padded with shock absorbing foam. This foam is designed to lessen the force of anything it comes into contact with. More specifically, it is made from injection moulded intelligent memory foam which helps to distribute the force of any impact. This means that you are better protected from injury.

Inside of the RDX Shin Guards.
Elasticated Material

These shin pads also have elasticated material which is designed to fit snugly around your legs whilst allowing for flexibility. In addition, the material is designed with temperature regulation in mind, so if you get hot and sweaty then the material acts to cool you down. There is also an open area behind the knee which helps the cooling process by permitting airflow.

RDX Shin Guard Size Chart

The following chart shows which size of shin guard you should get.

Size chart for the RDX Shin Guards.

For easy reference, here is a copy of the contents of the chart:

  • Small: Shin Length: 29cm, Instep Length: 15cm, Height: 5'4" - 5'8"
  • Medium: Shin Length: 29cm, Instep Length: 15cm, Height: 5'8" - 5'10"
  • Large: Shin Length: 30cm, Instep Length: 16cm, Height: 5'10" - 6'
  • Extra Large: Shin Length: 30cm, Instep Length: 16cm, Height: 6'+.

(A) There might be variance of 0.5cm in every measurement.
(B) If measurements are in between 2 sizes, choose a lower size.

As for colours, there are two choices: red and blue. I personally prefer red as it shows up better.

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Durability and Maintenance

If you have used shin guards before you may have noticed that the stitching often degrades and once that happens, they need replacing. These shin guards have reinforced stitching to reduce this problem.

Maintaining the shin guards is straightforward. They are easily cleaned. Just make sure to clean them regularly because, like all martial arts products which come into contact with sweat, it will get harder to completely clean them.


As mentioned above, the RDX Neoprene Gel Shin Pads are available in two colour schemes, namely red and blue. More specifically, the stripes down the sides of the shin guards are either red or blue. The rest is black. The foot part has an RDX logo on it and the shin part has RDX written on it.


Overall the RDX Neoprene Gel Shin Instep Pads are a good pair of shin guards. They are made from special shock absorbing foam, are designed to fit snugly, have suitable temperature regulation and are CE certified by SATRA.

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