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Side view of the Training Mask 2.0.
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The Training Mask 2.0 is excellent for high altitude simulation training, allowing for varying levels of endurance.
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Valves3000ft, 6000ft, 9000ft, 12000ft, 15000ft, 18000ft
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Our Review

This is my elevation altitude training mask review. I will describe the Training Mask 2.0 in detail and review its specification, functionality, durability and style. I begin by answering the two most frequently asked questions about the mask.

Side view of the Training Mask 2.0.

What is an elevation training mask?

An elevation training mask is a mask that, once worn, alters your breathing pattern to emulate the effects of being at a high altitude. As we all know, athletes undertake high altitude training so that they improve their performance quicker. They also believe that if they can perform well in harsh high altitude conditions then they must surely perform even better in ordinary circumstances. You essentially get the benefits of high altitude training without physically needing to be at a high altitude.

How do elevation training masks work?

It is a fact that the higher above sea level you are, the less oxygen and partial oxygen pressure there is. Of course, changing the amount of oxygen available and altering the partial oxygen pressure at sea level is difficult, so what the mask does instead is emulate the effects of high altitude training by providing resistance against breathing. Over time you will improve your control over your breathing and boost your lung capacity.

Specification and Functionality

The Training Mask 2.0 comes in three sizes based on your body weight:

  1. Small: From 45kg to 69.9kg (7st 2lbs to 10st 13lbs)
  2. Medium: From 70kg to 120kg (11st to 18st 13lbs)
  3. Large: Over 120kg (18st 13lbs).
Size chart for the Training Mask 2.0.

The box includes:

1. Black Training Mask. The mask is black, made of silicone and has three holes for the valves to fit into. One valve is on the front and the other two are lower and more to the side. The mask is held on to your head by an elasticated neoprene cover which fits around the valves and covers the front and side of the mask.

2. Valves. A variety of valves are provided to allow you to emulate different altitudes. Possible altitudes are 3,000ft, 6,000ft, 9,000ft, 12,000ft, 15,000ft and 18,000ft which allow for a workout tailored to your specific needs. Valves can easily be changed.

3. Instruction Manual. A comprehensive guide detailing everything you need to know. It's around 60 pages long and discusses the mechanics of breathing, the role of oxygen in the body, how breathing relates to performance, High Performance Ventilatory Training (HPVT), how to use the mask and how to assemble the mask.

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1. Neoprene is similar to synthetic rubber except it's more durable and has a higher burn point.

2. Do not use if you have a rubber allergy or a neoprene allergy.

3. Additional valves can be purchased if required.

4. This is the second incarnation of this training mask. Changes from the original are substantial. First of all the mask is more refined in the sense that it is shaped better, lighter and more compact. Further work has been done to ensure that it's more comfortable and easier to use. It has also been restyled so that it looks less like a gas mask and more like a training instrument.

Durability and Maintenance

The mask is designed to be durable and long lasting. Neoprene tends to last a long time provided it is taken care of properly.

Front view of the Training Mask 2.0.

Maintenance is mostly as you would expect on this kind of product. As long as the mask is washed properly after each use it will not deteriorate. More specifically, the mask must be washed in warm water with mild soap to remove sweat and other oils. It should then be rinsed off and air dried. Precise instructions on what to do can be found online.


The mask itself is black. The neoprene mask cover is black with a picture of a mountain and the caption "elevation training mask" on it. It is possible to buy styled sleeves/covers separately. Such styles include Jungle Camouflage and the Black Widow (which consists of red and black stripes), but of course loads more are available. The mask comes with white valves, although different coloured ones can be bought separately.


In summary, the elevation training mask is a useful piece of equipment which fulfils its purpose of emulating the effects of high altitude training. It both hard-wearing and durable provided it is taken care of properly.

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