Dripex Free Standing Punch Bag Review

Dripex Free Standing Punch Bag in use.
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The Dripex Free Standing Punch Bag is a modern punch bag with the latest functionality. It features removable springs for reduced vibrations, making it ideal for strength training. The bag has tear resistant 2mm thick PU leather and high density foam for added quality. The base contains suction cups to reduce movement.
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Height5.75ft / 175cm
Diameter10in / 26cm
Circumference31in / 81cm (approx)
Removable SpringsYes
Suction CupsYes
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Our Review

In this review we will look at the Dripex Free Standing Punch Bag. Released in 2019, this bag incorporates some new features not seen in older punch bags, including removable springs to aide with intensive strength training and suction cups to grip the floor and reduce knock back.

The bag comes in two colours, black and red. Black is pictured above, and red is pictured below:

Dripex Punch Bag in red.

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  • Height - The Dripex Punch bag stands at 5.75ft (175cm) tall. This is about standard for free standing punch bags. The manufacturer states that the punch bag is suitable for anyone who is between 47 inches (120cm) and 73 inches (185cm) tall. This means that the bag is ideal for adults and teenagers, but not small children.
  • Diameter - The diameter of the bag is 10 inches (26cm) which is around standard for this type of punch bag.
  • Circumference - The circumference is approximately 31 inches (81cm).

The measurements are illustrated below:

Dripex Punch Bag dimensions and measurements.

Striking Surface

The striking surface (exterior cover) is made from 2mm thickened tear resistant PU leather. The leather is particularly durable as the bag is designed with intensive training in mind. It's important to note that this material has fast rebound. Essentially this means that when the surface is struck, it returns quickly to its original shape which makes the bag ideal for rapid punch strength training.


The interior of the bag is padded with high density EPE foam.


The bag has multiple layers designed to help your training as well as make the punch bag strong and durable. Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Outermost Layer - High-density strong and durable PU leather.
  • 2nd Layer - The so called "strength buffer layer" which absorbs a good amount of force.
  • 3rd Layer - Elastic pearl cotton designed to assist with comfort and reduce the possibility of injury.
  • Innermost Layer - High elastic polyurethane to make the bag sturdier. Also helps bag durability.

The below image shows the various layers:

Dripex Punch Bag specification and design.


The two options are Black and Red.

Removable Springs

Unlike most other bags, this bag has removable springs. Springs work well with power punching as they help absorb force (as well as cause the bag to produce less noise), but when undertaking strength training, the rapid punches cause the springs to vibrate the bag which is undesirable. Having the ability to remove the springs means that the vibrations are reduced and you can focus entirely on training.

Base and Suction Cups

The base is very sturdy and as such the bag can take a good beating. Sand is the best (and recommended) filling as it's heavier than water (182lb compared with 137lb). Either builders sand or play sand is ideal, so long as it's dry sand.

The tube that attaches to the punch bag itself is made from stainless steel so there's no danger of it bending or warping.

The base is rounded to allow for the bag to be moved by rolling it.

The base contains 12 detachable suction cups to prevent bag movement. This means that if you have the appropriate flooring (laminate, marble, tiles, etc), the bag will grip the floor making it even more sturdy. If you have unsuitable flooring (carpet, concrete, outdoors, etc) then no worries as the suction cups are optional and can be removed. If you need to remove them after assembly, sliding pieces of cardboard under the cups allows them to be removed easily.

Dripex Punch Bag base and 12 suction cups.

Note: It is important to keep the suction cups clean and dry for maximum grip.

Video Demonstration

There's a one minute video of the Dripex punch bag over at on the left hand sidebar. The video starts by explaining the features and design functionality, and there's a physical demonstration at 0:27.

Our Recommendation

We highly recommend this punch bag. It's high quality, the design has really been thought out well - particularly in regards to making it suitable for multiple kinds of training.

We recommend this bag to adults, older teenagers, both beginners and experienced users, and anyone with power punching / intensive strength training in mind. As mentioned above, Dripex advises that the bag is suitable for adults/teenagers whose height is between 47 inches (120cm) and 73 inches (185cm). The bag is suitable for boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing, karate as well as general training.


The bag is delivered in 2 boxes - one for the base and another for the punching bag. Note that the boxes can arrive 2 days apart, but usually they arrive on the same day.


Assembly is straightforward. The only decisions which need to be made are whether you want to use the suction cups and the springs depending on the kind of training you're looking to do and the environment you're training in. Nuts, bolts and springs are included. The only thing that you will need to purchase separately is the sand (or you can use tap water).

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