Everlast Powercore Freestanding Heavy Bag Review

The surface and base of the Everlast Powercore Free Standing Punch Bag.
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The Everlast Powercore Free Standing Punch Bag is a height adjustable heavy weight punch bag ideal for boxing, Muay Thai as well as amateur training.
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Height132-165cm (52-65in)
Height AdjustableYes
SurfaceStrong PU Grain Leather
PaddingTri-disc Foam Structure
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Our Review

The Everlast Powercore Freestanding Punch Bag is a free standing punch bag ideal for upper body workouts, cardio workouts, muscle toning, practising your technique, increasing your speed and improving your hand-eye coordination. It is perfect for jabs, kicks and combinations.

The surface and base of the Everlast Powercore Free Standing Punch Bag.

It has the usual advantages of free standing punch bags such as suitability in small spaces, no need for ceiling hooks and it being easy to relocate. Its height adjustment facility allows you to alter the position of the strike area so that you can get the most from your workout. The adjustable height makes it ideal for both shorter and taller people.

The bag has fast recoil (i.e. it will return to its original position quickly after being hit) which will keep you on your toes.

This Everlast punch bag is suitable for both beginners and those with experience. Note that this punch bag is unsuitable for heavy boxing and some users have reported it breaking from where they have hit it too hard. Therefore we recommend using it for aerobic fitness only.

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About Everlast

Everlast is a popular martial arts brand. Indeed, many of you will have heard of them in one way or another. As well as supplying a wide range of hanging and free standing punch bags, they also make boxing gloves, hand wraps and training mitts. They are a global company, with a presence in over 100 countries.


The base of the Everlast Powercore Free Standing Punch Bag.

Assembly may look complicated with the various components involved, but the bag is in fact relatively easy to assemble. Just make sure you attach everything in the right order and insert the bolts in the right positions. Fortunately, a set of instructions comes with the bag.

We recommend assembling and using the bag on a carpeted surface to reduce possible sliding.

Use Sand in the Base

Most free standing punch bags can be filled with either sand or water, but for this bag we recommend that you fill it with dry sand, e.g. play sand. The reason for this is that sand is denser than water and will reduce base movement. It is preferable to use sand for this punch bag because its centre of gravity is quite high, especially at the higher end of the adjustable height setting.

Note: As for disassembly and reassembly, it is quick and easy to take the bag apart to move it. You may, however, need to get creative when moving the heavy base.

Technical Specification

We will now look at the technical specification of the Everlast Powercore punch bag. In particular, its dimensions, its materials, the innovative neck design and the base.

The surface of the Everlast Powercore Free Standing Punch Bag.
  1. Adjustable Height. One of the main selling points of this bag is the fact that the height can be adjusted. In particular, the minimum height is 132cm (52 inches) and the maximum height is 165cm (65 inches).
  2. Filling. The bag has a tri-disc foam structure which is designed to absorb the maximum amount of force. It also helps to protect the bag from damage. The foam is reasonably soft.
  3. Neck. There is a dense plastic neck which provides sufficient flexibility and recoil. Together with the steel plate connecting it to the base, the overall swing of the punch bag is reduced significantly. The bag can bend up to a maximum of 30 degrees.
  4. Base. The base is also made out of high density plastic. It is easily filled with water or sand for stability and can weigh up to 250lb (113kg). As stated above, we recommend filling it with dry play sand.

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The Everlast Powercore punch bag has adopted a black colour scheme with hints of yellow. As with most punch bags, the brand logo is printed on the exterior. The words "greatness is within" are written underneath the logo. The neck is black with a yellow ring around it near the middle. The base is black with an embossed "Everlast" on it.


In summary, the Everlast Powercore is a great product if you are intent on aerobic/cardio training or looking at refining your technique.

The bag is by the well known and well respected Everlast so you know you are going to get a high quality punch bag.

The height adjustment mechanism is fantastic if you are tall, looking to share the bag with people of different heights or looking to use it in a dojo.

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