RDX 17 Piece Boxing Set Review

All 17 pieces in the RDX boxing set.
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The RDX 17 Piece Boxing Set is a great set of equipment which helps with your boxing or martial arts training. As well as a punch bag, you get boxing gloves, hand wraps, a hand gripper, a skipping rope, and more!
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Height4ft / 5ft
Shock AbsorbingYes
StitchingDouble Stitched
Tear ResistantYes
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Our Review

The RDX 17 Piece Boxing Set is a collection of commonly used boxing equipment, the most notable of which is a filled heavy punch bag, a ceiling hook, hand wraps and boxing gloves. The set is ideal for both beginners and advanced users.

All 17 pieces in the RDX boxing set.

All of this equipment is made by the reputable boxing/Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)/Muay Thai/fitness company RDX. They are well known for their high quality products and are generally regarded as a leading global brand.

Without further delay, here is the RDX Boxing Set review.

Specification and Functionality

The RDX 17 Piece Boxing Set comes in three colour schemes: black, white and white/black. In each of these colour schemes it is the punch bag and bag gloves that change colour. My personal favourite is the white colour scheme, although the white/black colour scheme is a strong contender.

As the RDX Punch Bag Set contains 17 different items, I will break the list down into punch bag accessories, training equipment and the remaining small items.

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RDX Punch Bag Accessories

1. Punch Bag. The main feature of this set is the punch bag. It comes in two sizes, namely 5ft and 4ft. The 5ft bag is approximately 25-28kg and the 4ft one is approximately 22-24kg. Personally I would choose the 5ft one because it's heavier and suitable for almost everyone.

RDX tethered loop on the base of the punch bag.

The coating is standard and includes double stitching from top to bottom to make it stronger. One nice feature of the bag is the fact that it's waterproof meaning that it can be used outside. Of course I would advise against leaving it outside for prolonged periods, especially over the winter for instance, but taking it outside to train is absolutely fine.

The bag is filled with shredded textiles. It has a zip on the top so that the filling can be changed if you want to make it heavier, although for most people I wouldn't think making it heavier would be necessary. One of the most notable features of this punch bag is the fact that it is good at absorbing force. This means that if you hit it hard then it will not sway too much. Also when hit the material returns to its original shape within seconds.

2-3. The Wall Attachment consists of a horizontal and a diagonal bar. The punch bag then attaches to the horizontal bar. They are both made out of 16 gauge heavy duty powder coated iron. If you have limited space, the garage is probably the best place to install it. Just make sure that there is no risk of it falling down.

4-5. There is also a D-Shackle and a Swivel if you would rather hang the punch bag from the ceiling.

6. The Steel Chains attach to the hook and to four places on the top of the punch bag. Lighter punch bags can drop a chain if kicked, but this particular bag should be heavy enough for this not to happen. Even if it did happen you could always use tie wraps to keep the chains secure.

7-8. The Strap Hook and Strap attach the punch bag to the floor. Doing this is of course optional and entirely dependent on both your personal preference and how you want to train. I usually avoid it, but if you want to focus more on punching and less on movement then you may want to use it.

RDX Boxing Training Equipment

9. You will get two good quality Hand Wraps which secure in place with Velcro.

10. You will also get a pair of Bag Gloves which have gel foam padding in them. The padding inside the gloves allow them to fit everyone.

The boxing gloves included in the RDX boxing set.

11-12. The Jump Rope is made out of plastic and has padded handles. It should be more than good enough in helping you develop your footwork for ring movement. The Hand Gripper comes with plastic handles and generally holds up well. One downside of the hand gripper is the fact that it cannot be adjusted to suit different strengths, but it should be suitable for most people.

Remaining Items

13. Various fixtures and fittings.

14-17. The last four items are a bracelet, a mini boxing glove] to be hung up, a key chain and a boxing glove key ring. These items are not necessary for training. If you have kids then I'm sure they'll enjoy taking these small items off your hands.


A number of measures have been taken to increase the quality and durability of the punch bag. As I have already mentioned, the punch bag is double stitched making it more resilient. The fact that the bag is good at absorbing force means less swaying which ultimately means less stress on the hooks. Also the fact that the bag material is double layered improves resistance against any wear. The bag gloves are standard meaning they will stand up well to frequent use, but no more so than other brands.


Overall I would recommend this product for both beginners and advanced boxers. The quality of the punch bag and the bag gloves is very high. The items you get are very much what you would expect to get from such a boxing set.

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