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Blitz White Diamond Gi Review

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Blitz White Diamond Gi
I've had a Blitz White Diamond Gi for several years now and as both a student and an instructor of karate I've found it to be an excellent gi.

Having been really into sparring and to some extent grappling I found that my biggest problem was the number of lightweight gis I was getting through. Gi after gi would fray, tear and quickly become scruffy.

My instructor recommended I buy a heavyweight gi and after going through several brands over the years I discovered the Blitz White Diamond Gi. Several years later and it's almost as good as new.


The Blitz white diamond karate gi is made out of white 14oz 100% smooth woven cotton canvas and includes a:

1. Japanese cut jacket
2. Japanese cut non-elasticated pair of trousers
3. European cut elasticated pair of trousers.

It comes in 15 sizes ranging from 140cm to 210cm. For comparison, I'm slim, 6ft tall and have a good fitting 185cm gi.

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Note 1: Lightweight gis range from about 7oz to 10oz depending on your definition. 14oz is standard for a heavyweight gi.

Note 2: Essentially the difference between the Japanese cut and European cut is that Japanese cut jacket sleeves and trousers are shorter, have less restriction and have a longer lapel on the jacket to stop it from riding up over the belt. Usually Japanese cut trousers are for kata and the European cut is for sparring. I tend to use the European cut trousers for regular training.

Functionality and Durability

When making the transition from a lightweight gi to a heavyweight gi you will notice that a heavyweight gi has a different feel to it. You will notice that this Blitz karate gi has the following:

1. Crisp Sound. One of the main advantages of any heavyweight gi is the satisfying snapping sound it makes when you perform a technique. With most gis the crispiness of the material reduces, but in my experience this gi retains most of its crispiness even with twice weekly use and a weekly wash. In fact it sounds as good as it ever did even after several years of use. As such I've never needed to use starch on it.

2. Strong Material/Stitching. I found that the material my lightweight gi was made of weakened quickly and eventually tore. This gi is much stronger and I've not had any problems with it. As with all gis it will shrink in the wash the first few times, but this doesn't affect the overall quality of it. Sweat hasn't caused it to discolour in any way at all so it is still a perfectly acceptable white.

3. Strong Tie Cords. A common problem with some gis is that the tie cords on the jacket rip off during sparring or through (even controlled) take downs. I've not had this problem with this gi and as such it still has all four of its tie cords.

4. Non-stick. As with other heavyweight gis, this gi does not stick to you when you sweat.


Compared to other gis, I find that the Blitz Diamond Karate Suit looks much more professional on both students and instructors.

The jacket holds together nicely and doesn't ruck up. The two pairs of trousers provided allow for the right look in both a kata and a general training environment.


Once you've used this gi you will easily see why it's a global seller. The three items you receive are of good quality and are particularly long lasting. I would recommend this gi to anyone who trains in karate, but especially to those at or working towards their black belt.

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27th July 2015

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