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Full view of the MADX swinging punch bag including the chain.
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The MADX Punch Bag is a great choice of punch bag. This punch bag is a perfect 5.5ft tall and comes with a heavy duty swivel chain.
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Height5.5ft / 167cm
Chain IncludedYes
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The MADX Punch Bag is a heavy duty hanging punch bag. It can be used for a wide range of martial arts as well as for independent training. We will review the MADX Punch Bag by considering its specification, functionality, durability and style.

Full view of the MADX swinging punch bag including the chain.
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Punch Bag

Coating. The MADX hanging punch bag is made out of Rexion leather which is an alternative to real leather. Rexion leather and real leather look very similar to each other and unless you knew there was a difference, I doubt that you would even notice it. As with real leather, Rexion leather is of a high quality and as such is very durable.

Zip Top Opening. The bag is advertised as heavy duty, with a stated weight of around 25kg. There is a zip top opening meaning you can make the bag even heavier, up to a maximum of 70kg, if you really want to. I wouldn't have thought that doing this would be necessary in most cases, but it is reassuring to know that it is possible.

Height. The bag stands at around 5ft (1.5m) tall. This is fairly standard. Most punch bags on the market are either 4ft or 5ft tall because that coincides with the target area of an opponent.

Stitching. Most people have reported that the stitching attaching the material to the loops is very good. There are four attachments, each of which hold 6.25kg (25kg divided by 4). The stitching is certainly more than enough to support the weight of the bag and endure the power of your techniques.

Style. The punch bag is red with a ring of black near the top of it. It has a number of things written on it. For instance, there is the MADX logo as well as a couple of phrases. As with all designs, whether it looks good or not depends entirely on individual taste. I personally have no issues with the design and rather like it.

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MADX Punch Bag chain.

The bag comes with a heavy duty swivel chain to hold it up. As you can see from the image, the chain has a swivel component to allow it to spin freely. The swivel has four chains coming out of it, all of which attach to the four corners of the bag.


Overall the MADX Punch Bag is a great bag for a wide variety of martial arts. It is made to a high standard and is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

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