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Blitz Belts
I've used Blitz Plain Coloured Belts since my first grading. More specifically I've had this belt in red, blue, purple and brown all of which were sized either 250cm or 280cm.

As far as colours are concerned, they are sold in white, orange, red, yellow, green, purple, blue, brown and black. They come in lengths of 230cm, 250cm, 280cm and 320cm. Kids usually need 230cm or 250cm and most adults need 280cm or 320cm. Belts are 4.5cm wide.

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These belts serve their purpose. When you first get the belt you will notice that it feels stiff. Not to worry, because the belt will soften after a few hours of training.

Blitz belts are tied like any other belt. I've found that they rarely come undone during intense training.

Storing a Blitz belt is as simple as folding it in half several times. As with any other belt, you should avoid rolling it up as the ends will curl around. It's easy to tell who has been rolling their belt up as opposed to folding it.


These belts are particularly long lasting and do not wear easily. My purple belt was worn by six people before me and it's still in good condition, so you can see that these belts were made to last. Each belt has 11 rows of high quality stitching which, in my experience, has never come undone.


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Blitz karate belts look smart and professional. Some brands of karate belt have different colours which look similar such as blue and purple belts. I find that the Blitz make of belt doesn't have this problem.


Overall I find that Blitz belts are good looking and of high quality. They serve their purpose, are very long lasting if looked after and look professional.

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27th July 2015

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