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TurnerMAX Free Standing Punch Bag Review

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TurnerMAX Free Standing Punch Bags
The TurnerMAX Free Standing Punch Bag is a heavy duty 175cm (about 6ft) punch bag ideal for a range of martial arts and activities including karate, taekwondo, heavy boxing and cardio workouts. The stability of this punch bag is excellent because of its large base.

Advantages of free standing punch bags in general include:

1. Suitable for Small Spaces. Ideal for indoor use, especially if you have limited space and want to train inside a small room or the garage.

2. Easy to Install. The bag should take around 10 minutes to put together. Full details below.

3. Easy to Relocate. Relocating the punch bag is simple as the base can be rolled or easily transported in a suitable vehicle.


The TurnerMAX punch bag is made out of high quality synthetic leather which is wear resistant. The interior of the bag is filled with dense EVA foam which gives the bag a uniform texture and contributes to it being long lasting. These material are standard for modern punching bags.

Turner Sports

The TurnerMAX punch bag comes from the UK based company Turner Sports. As well as punch bags, they also supply other martial arts equipment such as strike pads and boxing gloves, as well as other equipment such as tents. Turner Sports has been around since 2003.

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Assembly is reasonably straightforward. Simply:

TurnerMAX Free Standing Punch Bag Base
1. Find a Suitable Surface. Find a location for the punch bag. Carpeted areas help to maximise stability.

2. Bolt the Base Together Bolting the base together is self-explanatory. If you cannot find the bolts, check inside the flap of the box to see if they are taped there.

3. Fill the Base. Fill the base with either water or sand. Water is the easiest, but sand is heavier. If you want to use sand, make sure to use dry sand. Dry sand can be bought from a building supplier or DIY shop. Play sand will also work.

4. Slide the Punch Bag on the Base.

Detailed Specification

We will now look at the punch bag in detail, including its measurements and the materials it is made from.

TurnerMAX Free Standing Punch Bag Dimensions
1. Dimensions. The full dimensions can be seen on the image. Once assembled, the whole punch bag is 175cm tall, with a 110cm tall bag and a 65cm tall base. The base is 65cm in diameter.

2. EVA Foam Filling. The bag is filled with tightly packed EVA foam designed for maximum shock absorption, i.e. force dissipation. EVA Foam is a polymer of Ethylene and Vinyl Acetate which is both soft and long lasting. It is used in a myriad of products (e.g. flooring), and it is often used in punch bags and other sports equipment.

3. Exterior of the Bag. The vinyl surface is made out of synthetic leather. It is very similar to real leather and some people find it difficult to tell the difference. The bag is stitched around the top.

4. Base. The 65cm tall and 65cm diameter base is an integral part of the punch bag. It has been designed for maximum stability and ease of assembly. In terms of stability, when filled with water it amounts to around 100kg. Sand will increase the weight and hence the stability. On arrival the base will need to be bolted together. There is a hole in the base for filling.

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1. Bag Design. There are two colour choices available, namely blue and red. Both of these colour schemes are slightly different in the sense that the blue bag has its bottom third coloured black and the top two thirds coloured blue with some styling and the TurnerMAX logo, and the red bag has the bottom third coloured red and the top two thirds coloured black with the same styling and logo on.

2. Base Design. The base is mostly black. It is divided into sections and each section has three diamonds above each other. The TurnerMAX logo is printed on the base.


Overall, the TurnerMAX Free Standing Punch Bag is an excellent punch bag all round. It is durable which is very important, stable with both water and sand filling which makes it suitable for a wide range of styles of martial arts and it feels like real leather. Its large strike area makes it good for general workouts and training involving kicks and punches. As such, I would particularly recommend this bag to people looking to improve their cardio.

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2nd May 2018

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