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MaxStrength Free Standing Punch Bag Review

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MaxStrength Free Standing Punch Bag
The MaxStrength Free Standing Punch Bag is a heavy duty 6ft free standing punch bag suitable for karate, boxing, taekwondo and other forms of martial arts.

It sports a narrow base designed with stability in mind so that you can move around it with ease. The bag itself contains EPE foam which is common in punch bags. The foam is designed specifically to absorb as much force as possible so that the bag does not fall over or move around too much.

As a free standing punch bag, the MaxStrength punch bag has the following advantages:

1. Ease of Assembly. It takes minutes to put together as it does not require a hook or any wall/ceiling modifications.
2. Space Usage. It takes up little space so you can use it in a small room or garage.
3. Relocation. It can easily be relocated or stored away efficiently if necessary.

This bag is suitable for use in gyms, boxing clubs and at home.

About MaxStrength

The MaxStrength brand is owned by Power Star Ltd. They are a leading supplier of martial arts and fitness equipment. They sell into the UK, USA and Europe.

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Technical Specification

MaxStrength Free Standing Punch Bag 2
1. Dimensions. When assembled, the punch bag stands at 180cm (about 6ft) tall. The diameter is approximately 40cm.

2. Foam Padding. The bag contains 5cm thick EPE foam (i.e. Expanded Polyethylene foam). This kind of foam is great for absorbing punches and kicks. It also helps protect the bag from damage as well as reducing base movement.

3. Exterior. The synthetic leather vinyl surface is durable and has the feel of real leather. The bag is stitched around the top.

4. Neck. The neck (i.e. the component attached to the base which the bag slides over) is made out of rubber to help it better absorb force. This also contributes to the stability of the punch bag.

5. Base. This product was designed with a narrow base in mind. The narrowness does not impact the stability when filled with either sand or water. We recommend using dry sand as it is heavier than water. The base is made out of high density polyethylene, i.e. a hard plastic.

Design and Style

MaxStrength Free Standing Punch Bag Base
The MaxStrength free standing punch bag has similar attributes to other such punch bags available on the market, i.e. the bag, neck and base.

1. Bag. The bag is black with white circles with numbers in them. The MaxStrength logo is printed (in white) at the top of the punch bag.

2. Neck. The rubber neck is black with grooves evenly spaced around it.

3. Base. The base is black and cylindrical with the exception of a raised area in the middle where the neck attaches to. The hole for filling the base is located on this elevation.


Overall, the MaxStrength free standing boxing punch bag is a well designed piece of equipment. The materials it is constructed from are fairly typical for a free standing bag. Its narrow base design makes it ideal for practising movement which makes it particularly suited to boxers and those looking to improve their sparring technique.

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6th May 2018

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