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Lions Free Standing Punch Bag Review

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Lions Free Standing Punch Bag
The Lions Free Standing Punch Bag is a black 5.5ft heavy duty punch bag designed for martial arts such as boxing, karate, Muay Thai and Taekwondo. It is made out of high quality material, is suitable for small spaces and is very stable in the sense that it has little-to-no movement when punched. In addition, it is quick and easy to assemble and disassemble which makes changing its location easy.

The most notable feature of this punch bag is the fact that it is free standing. A free standing punch bag is a punch bag which has a base. This is opposed to a hanging punch bag which is suspended from the ceiling or an attachment on the wall.

Advantages of free standing punch bags include:

1. Less space is required
2. Bag swinging is reduced or eliminated
3. Training can be done in more places as it is easier to move.

We now look at the main features of this Lions free standing punch bag:


Lions Free Standing Punch Bag Base Attached
1. Design. The strikable surface of the punch bag is mostly black with the exception of a red ring around the bottom and numbered strike points on its exterior. The Lions logo is situated above these numbers.

2. Height. The punch bag is 5.5ft tall. The height of the strike area itself makes it suitable for both shorter and taller people. It is also suitable for children.

3. Materials. The punch bag is advertised as heavy duty. The interior consists of heavy duty garment cut pieces and is layered by moulded foam to soak up the maximum amount of force. The exterior is made of high quality leather.

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Lions Free Standing Punch Bag Bolts And Spanner
Parts Included. The following components are used in the assembly of the punch bag: Base x 1, Top x 1, Punch Bag x 1, Bolts x 8, Spanner x 1.

How To Assemble. Assembly is very straightforward. In fact, the whole thing can be put together in 10 minutes. The top can easily be bolted on to the base in 8 places using the provided spanner. The base is then filled with sand to a suitable level, i.e. enough so that it does not fall over or rock too much when punched. I recommend using a funnel for this as the hole in which the sand is poured is quite small.

Note: Finer sand can be used to increase the weight.

Customer Reviews

We finally look at what people who have already bought this punch bag think. On the whole people seem happy with:

1. Fast delivery times
2. The quality of the punch bag
3. The stability of the punch bag, even from experienced martial artists
4. How their children enjoy using the punch bag.

The only disadvantage which seems to crop up occasionally is the fact that the hole where the sand is to be poured through is a little bit small.

Our Recommendation

Overall the Lions Free Standing Punch Bag is an excellent product. Its stability and its quality are among its highlights. I recommend this punch bag for experienced martial artists, those aspiring towards becoming a great martial artist and even those looking to blow off steam once in a while.

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14th August 2017

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