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RDX Punch Bag Review

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RDX Punch Bag
The RDX Punch Bag is a heavy duty punch bag ideal for both beginners and advanced users. It is made by RDX, a global martial arts equipment manufacturer with a high reputation. As well as a punch bag you get a:

1. Chain to hang it up with
2. Tethered Loop to attach it to the floor
3. Free pair of Boxing Gloves.

The punch bag is suitable for boxing, karate, kickboxing and Muay Thai. These bags are often found in gyms, but many people are now using them in their home/garage.

Punch Bag

RDX Punch Bag Demonstration
1. Dimensions. The RDX Punching Bag comes in two lengths, namely 4ft and 5ft. The 4ft bag weighs approximately 22-24kg and the 5ft bag weighs approximately 25-28kg. Which one you should go for depends both on your height and personal preference.

2. Colour Schemes. The punch bag is available in three different colour schemes, namely black, white and white/black. All three look good, but in my opinion the white/black colour scheme is the best.

3. Interior. The punch bag is filled with shredded textiles. Textiles are used as opposed to other materials because they are good at absorbing force. This means that any swing the bag would otherwise have is reduced. The interior returns to its original shape within seconds after an impact.

4. Exterior. The punch bag is coated with twinned layer Rex Leather. Rex Leather is an artificial leather, but it is very similar to real leather. It is designed to be non-tearing and helps the bag absorb as much force as possible. Rex Leather is also waterproof which means that you can hang the punch bag outside, although I would advise against leaving it outside for prolonged periods.

5. Top. The top of the punch bag has a zip opening. This means that you can add more material if you want to or change the filling entirely. Doing this probably won't be necessary, but it is nonetheless possible.

6. Rings. Located at four points around the top of the bag are welded D rings to attach the chain to. These rings are called D rings because they are shaped like the letter 'D'. They are described as heavy gauge because they can endure continuous and heavy punch bag use. They are double stitched to the bag and are riveted to the bag for extra sturdiness.

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1. Swivel Chain. The punch bag comes with a swivel chain that attaches to the bag in four places. As the name suggests, the part of the chain that hooks on to the ceiling or wall attachment can spin freely which minimises bag rotation.

2. Tethered Loop. The tethered loop connects to the base of the punch bag and secures it to the ground. This results in reduced bag swing.

RDX Punch Bag Tethered Loop

3. Boxing gloves. You also get a free pair of RDX pro bag gloves. They are designed so that one size fits everyone. Their colour depends on which colour bag you buy.

RDX Punch Bag Gloves


Overall the RDX Boxing Bag is a great punch bag both for beginners and advanced martial artists. It is suitable not only for boxing but for other martial arts too and it can even be used for independent training. The bag is durable and should be able to take a heavy beating. It is also customisable as it is available in several colour schemes.

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4th February 2016

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