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RDX Hand Wraps Review

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RDX Hand Wraps
This is my RDX Hand Wraps review. As boxers and those who have used hand wraps before already know, hand wraps go under boxing gloves to provide hand and wrist support as well as to provide comfort. (If you are looking for good boxing gloves why not try these RDX Boxing Gloves?)

This pair of hand wraps does just that. They are made by RDX, a leading British boxing/MMA equipment manufacturer whose products are usually very good quality.

Specification and Functionality

RDX Hand Wraps Strap
The RDX Hand Wraps are available in six colour schemes, namely black, red, blue, grey camouflage, pink and yellow.

The hand wraps are made out of extra thick woven carbon fibre. Carbon fibre is a strong and durable material meaning that these hand wraps offer better protection than regular hand wraps. They are slightly elasticated so that they fit a variety of different hands.

The hand wraps are approximately 4.5m (14.75ft) long which is a very good length. You often find that hand wraps are only around 3m long which in my opinion is way too short, but the length of these should be more than enough. The hand wraps have a Velcro closure and the added bonus of a hook and loop mechanism for extra security.

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Durability and Style

RDX Hand Wraps Coiled
Carbon fibre material is particularly long lasting. The quality of the stitching is generally good. It could be better, but even so it is still much better than many other brands of hand wraps out there.

As far as the style goes, they come in a wide range of colours. My particular favourites are the black and red colour schemes, both of which can be seen in this review.


Overall the RDX Hand Wraps are a good pair of hand wraps and are well worth the price. I would recommend them both to beginners and to advanced users.

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19th January 2016

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