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Onex 9 Piece Boxing Set Review

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Onex 9 Piece Boxing Set
The Onex 9 Piece Boxing Set is a collection of boxing equipment which consists of a hanging punch bag, boxing gloves and various attachments. The most notable and unusual aspect of this punch bag is that it is waterproof. Not many punch bags are waterproof meaning this is one of the few which can be used outside.

This Onex punch bag is ideal for all kinds of purposes. It works well as a training aid, for routine exercise and for general training in MMA, kickboxing, boxing, karate, judo, etc. The set is suitable for both adults and children, although the gloves may be too large for children.

Onex, the manufacturer of this punch bag, is a Manchester based Fight Gear shop that operates globally. They have a good reputation for quality and customer satisfaction.

Let us first look at the details of the items included.


1. Onex Punch Bag.

- Material. The Onex Punch Bag is coated in G-Core twinned layer non-tear Rex leather. The inside is machine filled which helps make the bag uniform and consistent. The stitching on the bag is strong and consistent.

- Zip-Top Opening. The punch bag has a zip-top opening. This means that you can increase/decrease the weight by adding/removing material, or change the material altogether if you want to.

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- Waterproof. As mentioned in the introduction, the bag is waterproof so it is weather resistant and therefore suitable for outdoor use.

- Height. The punch bag is 5ft tall so it has a reasonably large strike area. Its distance from the floor will depend on where it is hung.

- Design. The punch bag is medium to dark blue with white and gold elements in the design. In the middle there is the Onex logo. There are 5 gold stars around the top of the surface of the punch bag. The words "Strength Training" is written across the top.

2. Onex Boxing Gloves. A pair of Onex boxing gloves is included. These gloves are large adult and are padded with gel foam padding.

Onex Boxing Gloves

3. Onex Chain. A chain with 4 strands is provided. The end of each strand connects to a piece of metal on the punch bag. It has a ring at the top to attach to the D-shackle.

Onex Chain

4. Attachment and D-Shackle. Used to support the punch bag.

Onex D-Shackle

5. Bolts and Washers. Used to connect the attachment and D-shackle to the ceiling.

There is a so called "tethered loop facility" at the bottom of the punch bag to reduce swing.

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For this punch bag assembly is extremely straightforward:

1. Find a suitable location.
2. Bolt the attachment to the ceiling.
3. Attach the chain to the D-Shackle.
4. Attach each of the 4 ends of the chain to the side of the top of the punch bag.
5. Make use of the tethered loop facility at the base of the punch bag.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have bought and used this punch bag have commented on:

1. Swift delivery times. One person remarked that the punch bag took just 2 days to arrive.
2. The punch bag is heavy enough.
3. Kids enjoy using the punch bag.

One common negative observation is that the punch bag is sometimes scuffed and as a result has to be cleaned before use.

Our Recommendation

Overall, the Onex 9 Piece Boxing Set is well designed and useful. It is suitable for martial artists at all levels, includes everything you need to get started and is easy to assemble. The fact that it is waterproof is particularly useful as it gives you more flexibility in where you train as you can use it outside.

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16th August 2017

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