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MissSnower Free Standing Punch Bag Review

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MissSnower Free Standing Punch Bag
The MissSnower Free Standing Punch Bag is a heavy duty 5.25ft free standing punch bag suitable for a variety of styles of martial arts including boxing, karate, MMA and taekwondo. It is great for workouts, general training and skill improvement. In particular, this punch bag will help improve your speed and hand-eye coordination which makes it great for sparring training.

Free Standing Design

The bag is free standing which means it stands on a base rather than hanging from a ceiling/wall attachment. This has numerous advantages, including easy assembly, ease of relocation, reduced swing (recoil) and efficient space occupation.


The materials used are typical for a punch bag such as this. A form of high density foam is used as padding for the punch bag. PU leather (poly-synthetic leather) is used externally. Both of these materials are durable and hard wearing. The foam serves both as a soft surface to hit and as protection for the bag itself.


The base is designed for optimal stability. As such, there is space inside of it for plenty of sand/water to add weight to the bag and therefore reduce movement.

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MissSnower Free Standing Punch Bag Assembly
Assembly is straightforward. Although instructions come with the punch bag, I will list a brief set of instructions to show that the bag can be assembled within minutes:

1. Remove the individual components from their boxes
2. Bolt the neck to the base
3. Slide the punch bag over the neck
4. Fill the base with sand or water.

We recommend assembling this punch bag on a carpeted surface so that it does not move around too much when you use it.

Sand, or more specifically dry sand, is the preferable base filler because it is denser than water.

Technical Specification

MissSnower Free Standing Punch Bag Base
1. Height. All together, the bag stands at 160cm (5.25ft) tall. Component wise, this amounts to a 95cm tall strike area, 23cm gap between this and the base and a 42cm tall base.

2. Width. The vinyl bag is 28cm in diameter and the base is 48cm in diameter.

3. Inside. The punch bag contains a form of high density foam padding. Not only is this easy on the hands, it is also good at force absorption and as such protects the bag and reduces swing. This reduced swing makes this punch bag ideal for boxers and the like.

4. Cover. The cover is made out of heavy duty poly-synthetic leather.

5. Base. As said above, the base is 42cm tall and 48cm in diameter. Comparatively speaking, this base is relatively narrow. It is designed with stability and recoil in mind.

Design and Style

Its general shape is typical for a free standing punch bag. You have the three main components: the strike area, the neck and the base. The bag looks professional and you can easily tell that it is well made.

Colour Schemes

You have three choices in regards to colour schemes: Black (as in the pictures), Red and Blue. You can view the other colour schemes here.


So there you have it. The MissSnower Free Standing Punch Bag is a solid punch bag. While similar in a lot of ways to many punch bags on the market, its highlight is the narrow base design which has the advantage of allowing you to easily move around it, thus making it suitable for a wide range of martial arts.

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7th May 2018

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