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Gallant Free Standing Punch Bag Review

on 6th December 2015
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Gallant Free Standing Punch Bag
We will review the Gallant Free Standing Punch Bag in detail and answer common questions about it that people often ask about it. We will consider its specification, functionality, durability and style.

There are essentially two kinds of punch bag on the market. The first is the traditional punch bag which hangs from a hook on the wall or from the ceiling and the other is a free standing punch bag which, as stated, stands by itself.

Recently free standing punch bags have undergone an explosion in popularity. This has mainly been because more people are training at home now and have nowhere to hang a punch bag. There have also been substantial improvements (i.e. more stability) which has helped increase their popularity.

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Specification and Functionality

The Gallant Free Standing Punch Bag is suitable for almost any kind of martial art, although it is particularly popular with boxers and those participating in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). But whatever style you do, you will be able to practise your techniques and have a good workout outside the gym or dojo.

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There are several components which make up the punch bag:

1. Padded Bag. The bag itself is padded with soft shock absorbing EVA foam. The shock absorbing foam will dissipate any hard strikes you do and stops the bag from moving too much. It is coated with grain artificial leather which is very durable and gives it a nice shine.

2. Stand. There is a stand which connects to the base. It is essentially a light tube that allows the soft padded bag to slide over it.

3. Base. Compared to most other free standing punch bags, the base on this one is much more narrow. They've done this so that you can move around it just as easy as you would a living opponent. You might think that making the base more narrow would affect the stability of the punch bag, but fortunately it is still just as difficult to knock over.

You can fill the base with water or sand. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Water is cheaper than sand, but is lighter and more prone to leaking. Sand is heavier than water, but is harder to find and makes the punch bag harder to transport. It's up to you which one you want to go for, but personally I prefer using sand.

Assembling the punch bag is straightforward and shouldn't cause any problems. Once assembled the punch bag stands 5.25ft (160cm) tall which is about the same size as other free standing punch bags.

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1. EVA stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. It's a common material which can also be found in some jigsaw mats.

2. Be warned that a punch bag is not a substitute for an opponent. This is because opponents move and fight back whereas punch bags do not. Punch bags should be used to complement your training.

3. As with all punch bags you should wear gloves as a bare minimum. I've seen lots of people not use gloves and end up skinning their knuckles. Ouch.

Durability and Maintenance

Grain artificial leather is a particularly resilient material so the coating on the punch bag will not wear through easily, even if it's regularly used in a dojo.

A common concern people have regarding free standing punch bags is whether they are sturdy enough. Fortunately such punch bags, provided they are filled up properly, are very stable. That is not to say that they can't be knocked over, but day to day training should be fine.

Moving the punch bag around the room is easy. I prefer the shuffle and rotate method which is fairly self-explanatory. If you're moving it somewhere else, say downstairs or into the car, then you should really drain the water/empty the sand from the base or, if necessary, take the whole thing apart.

As with all martial arts equipment, it is important to keep it clean. Washing it down with damp cloth after each use should be more than good enough.


The Gallant Free Standing Punch Bag comes in four colours: black, yellow, blue and red. Each of these use the colours in a slightly different way as shown in the picture at the top of the page. I think that each of the colour schemes fit quite well, but I particularly like the yellow one.


Overall the Gallant Free Standing Punch Bag is a well designed and functional piece of equipment. What makes it stand out from other free standing punch bags is the fact that its base is more narrow. I would recommend this punch bag for gym/dojo use and especially to anyone looking to do additional training outside their gym/dojo.

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