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Wado Ryu Karate Kata List with Videos

Here is the list of all of the Wado Ryu katas. Most katas have a link to a YouTube video showing it performed by Wado Ryu founder Hironori Otsuka. Without further delay, I present the Wado Ryu kata list.

Looking for Detailed Kata Explanations?

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While the below YouTube videos show the full and completed katas, if you are looking for more detailed explanations along with a ton of other Wado Ryu related material (e.g. the theory and applications of kihons, stances, kicks, punches, combinations and sparring techniques) you may be interested in the Wado Ryu Karate, Complete Black Belt Course DVD available from Amazon.

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Pinan Katas

These katas are taught to beginners. Sometimes Pinan Nidan is taught before Pinan Shodan and occasionally Pinan Godan is omitted entirely. Sometimes the katas are referred to without the Pinan prefix.

- Pinan Shodan (view)
- Pinan Nidan (view)
- Pinan Sandan (view)
- Pinan Yodan (view)
- Pinan Godan (view)

Katas up to Black Belt

- Kushanku (view)
- Naihanchi (view)
- Seishan (view)
- Chinto (view)

Advanced Katas

- Bassai (view)
- Rohai (view)
- Niseishi (view)
- Wanshu (view)
- Jion (view)
- Jitte (view)

Not Often Taught

- Unsu
- Superimpei